Estes Valley Resiliency Collaborative

About the EVRC

The Estes Valley Resiliency Collaborative (EVRC) is a team of public, private and nonprofit partners who are working on economic resiliency and overall community health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EVRC is focused on sharing resources with each other and the community, and on strategizing specific, actionable ways to support a faster and more robust economic recovery. This collective of organizations and individuals has worked to produce or support a number of initiatives to help the Estes Valley weather the unknown and likely lasting impacts of the pandemic today, while also laying the ground work for a more sustainable and connected community for years to come.

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The EVRC is a collective of volunteers who care deeply about the economic and social vitality of the Estes Valley. The group is administered by the Town using existing staff resources. EVRC partners include:

In addition to the EVRC partners listed above, the following organizations have contributed staff time and/or resources to EVRC initiatives:

Since late March, EVRC partners have led and/or supported a number of recovery and resiliency initiatives, including:

  • Produced the “Welcome Back” campaign, focused on wearing masks, maintaining distance, and washing hands. Design support was provided by Visit Estes Park.
  • Created the COVID-19 Business Recovery Resource page (hosted by Visit Estes Park).
  • Developed the Estes Valley Safe & Strong Resiliency Plan (led by the Estes Park EDC, Estes Chamber and Visit Estes Park).
  • Initiated and promoted the Business Mentor Program (managed by the Estes Park EDC).
  • Supported the Town’s “Embrace the Views” outdoor business expansion program to promote outdoor gathering and distancing.
  • Co-hosted two virtual Town Halls with the Estes Park EDC, the first focused on local businesses and the second on broader community impacts.
  • Co-hosted webinars open to the public on civility and emotional intelligence with the Estes Chamber.
  • Coordinated and supported a number of alternative 4th of July activities that promoted a festive atmosphere and socially-distant offerings.

Current EVRC offerings and programs include:

  • Participation in and support of the “Keep NoCo Open” campaign, a regional effort to promote seven key public health messages across Larimer County. 
  • Fall/Winter Business Support task force focused on identifying ways to extend the guest/visitor season into the winter months (led by the Estes Park EDC).
  • Coordination of Tactical Communications & De-Escalation virtual training offerings. 
  • Creation of a “Safe Spaces” Sticker Campaign to encourage local business and community members to be actively inclusive and welcoming to all (led by the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center and Estes Valley Crisis Advocates).
  • Discussions about how to keep/honor community events and traditions (e.g., Elk Fest, Halloween, Catch the Glow) in a way that also protects public health.
  • Working with the Larimer County Recovery Collaborative to identify unmet needs, gaps in services and/or funding opportunities specific to Estes Valley residents and businesses.
  • Producing the Everyday Estes podcast focusing on the community of Estes Park. Watch for new podcasts at

EVRC partners also participate in a number of regional recovery groups including the Larimer County Recovery Collaborative, Larimer County Business Communication Group, NoCo Strong for Business, and Dept. of Local Affair’s COVID-19 Peer Roundtable.

Keep NoCo Open

We Want to Hear From You

If you have questions or issues that the EVRC needs to be aware of (unmet needs) and/or want to get involved, please contact EVRC Administrator Vanessa Solesbee (