Bed & Breakfast Licenses

As of April 1, 2020 the administration of Bed & Breakfasts and Vacation Homes located in the unincorporated area of Larimer County will be handled by Larimer County.  Questions can be directed to the Larimer County Planning Department at 970-498-7684 or citizenresources@larimer.org.


Bed & Breakfasts within the Town of Estes Park Limits

A Bed and Breakfast License is required for the temporary lodging of guests in a residential dwelling unit that is rented, leased or occupied for accommodations purposes and is operator-occupied on a full-time basis. Bed & Breakfast occupancy is outlined in the regulations as two (2) occupants per guest bedroom plus two (2) with a maximum occupancy of eight (8).


New Application Temporary Moratorium


Ordinance 12-23 approved by the Town Board on November 28, 2023 extended the  six-month moratorium on new bed and breakfast inn business licenses, and as such, applications for bed and breakfasts are not being accepted. The moratorium will expire May 23, 2024.


The Bed & Breakfast License application, requires signature of the property owner of record (as listed on Larimer County Assessor records) and the on-site manager (if different than the property owner). All fields must be completed before the application will be processed. The Estes Park Municipal Code Bed & Breakfast Regulations require the homeowner and on-site manager signature (if different than the property owner) confirming they have reviewed and acknowledge the regulations.

Compliance Concern

To report a Vacation Home/Bed & Breakfast, complete the Compliance Concern form, or call the 24/7 hotline at 970-577-4787

To report a concern that requires immediate attention, such as a noise complaint, call non-emergency dispatch at



Bed & Breakfast License Transfer Application

To determine if a license for a property is transferable, please contact the Clerk's Office at 970-577-4777 or townclerk@estes.org


To check zoning of property please use the

  Zoning Map



Bed & Breakfast License Change of Information 

For existing licenses which require an update to the information on file with the Clerk's Office.


Bed & Breakfast License FAQs 
Application Processing

All applications must be completed, in their entirety without blank fields in order to be processed. The following are required prior to processing:

  • Complete Bed & Breakfast License Application (no blank fields), signed by both the property owner of record and on-site manager (if different than the property owner).
  • The Bed & Breakfast Regulations signed by both the property owner and on-site manager (if different than the property owner).
  • Proof of a valid Sales Tax License/Colorado Account Number.
    • Can be obtained through the Department of Revenue website, Taxation Division or in person at the Fort Collins Tax office, 3030 South College. For further question, call the Department of Revenue at 303-238-7378.

The Vacation Home/Bed & Breakfast Checklist and Vacation Home/Bed & Breakfast Process Map show the process of a complete application.


$200 base fee + $50 per guest bedroom
Two hundred dollars ($200.00) base fee per year, fifty dollars ($50.00) for each guest bedroom. Bedroom numbers are based on Larimer County Assessors records. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit/debit card (transaction fees apply). Make checks payable to the Town of Estes Park.

Initial Compliance Inspection

An Initial Compliance Inspection of all bed & breakfasts is required per the Estes Park Municipal Code. And shall be completed prior to approval of any operating license. Inspection will be conducted by the Code Enforcement Officer. For more information please contact the

Large Bed & Breakfast Special Review

Review (nine (9) or more occupants): Bed & Breakfasts with four (4) or more sleeping rooms may be permitted as a large bed & breakfast inn, if granted zoning approval by special review in accordance with the S2 procedure described in the Estes Park Development Code. The maximum  occupancy in a nine-and-over occupant bed & breakfast inn shall be as specified in the special review approval granted by the Town Board; provided that occupancy shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) individuals per sleeping room plus two (2) individuals per bed & breakfast inn. 

For more information, contact the Community Development Department at 970-577-3721.Clerk's Office at townclerk@estes.org

License Databases

To view Licensed Businesses, Liquor Licenses, Vacation Homes and Bed and Breakfasts, please visit the Records Portal. Databases are available as a searchable PDF or downloadable Excel Spreadsheet. Please call the Clerk's Office at 970-577-4777 if issues occur while accessing the Records Portal.

Life and Safety Inspection

Bed & Breakfasts are not subject to a Life Safety Inspection. 

On-Site Manager

On-Site Managers must reside within the licensed bed & breakfast while rentals are occurring. The on-site manager must be available in the event of a code violation or emergency. The on-site manager can be the homeowner as long as they reside in the bed & breakfast while the property is being rented.

Sales Tax License

A Colorado Sales Tax License or Colorado Account number is required for renting of property for less than 30 days. A valid Sales Tax License is obtained through the Colorado Department of Revenue website, Taxation Division or in person at the Fort Collins Tax office, 3030 South College. For further question, call the Department of Revenue at 303-238-7378.


Sales Tax rates can be found at estes.org/salestax.

Transferring a License to New Homeowner

Bed & Breakfasts not licensed by October 18, 2021 will not be transferable once licensed. Upon a transfer of ownership, the license shall terminate.  A new owner who wishes to operate as a bed & breakfast shall be required to apply for a new license (Municipal Code 5.20.110(c)(1)).

Bed & Breakfasts licensed by October 18, 2021 are transferable upon a transfer of ownership as long as the license is maintained on a yearly basis and all regulations are met. Upon a transfer of ownership, it is the responsibility of the new owner to transfer the license to their name within thirty (30) days of the transfer of ownership.

To determine if a license is transferable to new owners please contact the Clerk's Office.

VH & B&B Compliance Concerns

To submit a Bed and Breakfast or Vacation Home compliance concern call 970-577-4787 or submit an online form at estes.org/reportacomplianceconcern.