Staff Directory

Town of Estes Park inquiries:

Phone: 970-586-5331  (for government inquiries) or 970-577-9900 (for area/visitor information) or 970-577-4800 (for utility billing inquiries)
Email: (for government inquiries) or (for area/visitor information)
Town Hall Physical Address: 170 MacGregor Ave.
General Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517

Commonly contacted employees are listed below.

Town Administrator's Office    
Staff Title Phone Email
Damweber, Jason Deputy Town Administrator 970-577-3707
Machalek, Travis Town Administrator 970-577-3705
Miller Rusch, Kate Public Information Officer 970-577-3701
Simpson, Suzanna Management Analyst 970-577-3700
Schlichtemier, Nathan Information Technology Systems Administrator Manager 970-577-3580
Town Clerk and Human Resources    
Staff Title Phone Email
Town Clerk   970-577-4777
Human Resources   970-577-4778
Municipal Court   970-577-4774
Beers, Bunny Deputy Town Clerk 970-577-4772
Cossairt, Cordell Human Resources Generalist 970-577-4776
Disney, Kimberly Administrative Assistant 970-577-4773
Lizotte, Emily Human Resources Manager 970-577-4775
Mijares, Melissa Municipal Court Clerk, Administrative Assistant 970-577-4774
Williamson, Jackie Town Clerk, Human Resources Director 970-577-4771
Community Development    
Staff Title Phone Email
Planning Information
Baur, LauraJane Planning Technician 970-577-3717
vacant Planner II
Garner, Jessica Director 970-577-3720
Godsy, Joseph Building Inspector - SafeBuilt 970-577-3722
Rusu, Gary Chief Building Official - SafeBuilt 970-577-3728
Swanlund, Karin Administrative Assistant 970-577-3721
Villano, Peter Building Permit Technician - SafeBuilt 970-577-3735
Washam, Kara Planner I 970-577-3729
Woeber, Jeffrey Senior Planner 970-577-3727
Events and Visitor Services
Staff Title Phone Email
Hinkle, Rob Fairgrounds & Events Director 970-577-3901
Kephart, Stephanie Administrative Assistant 970-577-3903
Gruhl, Becky Special Events Coordinator 970-577-3902
McDonald, Kevin Special Events Coordinator 970-577-3905
Shea, Karen Sales & Marketing Manager 970-577-3956
Bucci, Lori Visitor Services Manager 970-577-3940
Staff Title Phone Email
Fortini, Derek Museum Director 970-577-3761
Fundaun, Mikaela Museum Curator of Interpretation 970-577-3762
Michak, Jessica Museum Curator of Collections 970-577-3764
Staff Title Phone Email
Utility Billing Electric and Water Billing Inquiries 970-577-4800  
Beesley, Sharla Grant Coordinator 970-577-3708
Garcia, Laura Accounting Manager 970-577-3565
Holgorsen, Deborah Accounts Payable 970-577-3566
Hudson, Duane Finance Director/Treasurer 970-577-3560
Johnson, Karen Accountant I 970-577-3569
Johnston, Dee Utility Billing Representative I 970-577-3563
McEachern, Kim Utility Billing Supervisor 970-577-3567
Mitchell, Tania Payroll Technician 970-577-3562
Stoddard, Amy Utility Billing Representative I 970-577-3568
Staff Title Phone Email
Police Dispatch Non-emergency number 970-586-4000  
Code Enforcement Voicemail number 970-577-3877
Barnes, Peni Executive Assistant 970-577-3823
Hayes, David Chief of Police 970-577-3825
Life, Rick Interim Police Support Services Captain 970-577-3872
Lord, Denise Restorative Justice Manager 970-577-3829
Pass, Corey Police Captain 970-577-3828
Polucha, Jeremiah Interim Police Operations Captain 970-577-3861
Weller, Becky Restorative Justice Program Coordinator 960-577-3818
Public Works
Bailey, Jeff Town Engineer 970-577-3586
Berg, Brian Parks Supervisor 970-577-3783
Blevins, Laura Grants Specialist 970-577-3574
Kearney, Justin Streets Supervisor 970-577-3777
Klein, Dana Parking & Transit Supervisor 970-577-3577
McDonald, Lani Administrative Assistant 970-577-3587
Muhonen, Greg Public Works Director 970-577-3581
Roper, Josh Fleet Supervisor 970-577-3603
Schumaker, Robert Facilities & Parks Manager 970-577-3576
Solesbee, Vanessa Mobility Services Manager 970-577-3957
Waters, Jennifer Development Review & Floodplain Manager 970-577-3740
Wittwer, Trevor Civil Engineer 970-577-3724
Staff Title Phone Email
Utility Billing Electric and Water Billing Inquiries 970-577-4800  
Emergency Utility Report Power outages/water main breaks - staffed 24/7 970-586-5335  
Non-emergency Utility
E.G. Street lights, trees close to line 970-586-5335
Bergsten, Reuben Director of Utilities 970-577-3583
Boles, Tyler Power and Communications Crew Supervisor - Capital Projects 970-577-3607
Callahan, Deb Water Quality and Laboratory Supervisor 970-577-3624
Clark, Sarah AMI Coordinator 970-577-3627

Edwards, Adam Power and Communications Line Crew Supervisor - Service Crew 970-577-3614
Lang, Jason Water Distribution Supervisor 970-577-3622
Lockhart, Joe Power and Communications Line Superintendent 970-577-3613
McKellar, Hannah Water Administrative Assistant 970-577-3619
Northcutt, Mike Water Plant Supervisor 970-577-3633
Rusch, Steve Utilities Coordinator 970-577-3625
Sterling, Karla Utilities Administrative Assistant 970-577-3588
Swoboda, Linda Utilities Business Manager 970-577-4790
Wesley, Jacqui Utilities Project Manager 970-577-3611