Workforce Housing and Childcare

The Town utilizes a variety of funding sources to address workforce and childcare in the Estes Valley, including revenues from the Lodging Tax Extension (local ballot measure 6E passed in November 2022). In addition to the Lodging Tax Extension revenue, revenues from the Impact Fee associated with Short Term Rentals, the Town's Workforce Housing reserve fund, and various grants and other financial awards from the State and Federal governments are used to address workforce and attainable housing.

The Town of Estes Park Board of Trustees voted to approve updates to the funding guidelines for both Workforce Housing and Childcare on February 28, 2023:

Policy 225: Childcare Funding Guidelines and Application (Pautas Para La Financiación Del Cuidado Infantil)

Policy 227: Workforce and Attainable Housing Guidelines (Directrices Para La Construccion de Viviendas Asequibles y para Trabajadores)


For more information about Housing and Childcare, please contact the Housing and Childcare Manager, Carlie Bangs at 970-577-3894 or cbangs@estes.org 



Local Funding Opportunities for Childcare Providers

The Town of Estes Park offers a variety of funding opportunities to support childcare providers and early childhood professionals in the Estes Valley. 


Childcare Funding Grant

Licensed, or working to be licensed, home and center-based childcare providers may apply for grant funding for both capital and non-capital projects.  

Childcare Funding Guidelines and Application (Pautas Para La Financiación Del Cuidado Infantil

   - Please expect up to two months for review and approval of your request.

   - Childcare Funding Reporting Template Please download the report template and include the attachment in your final funding report as outlined in the Funding Agreement, or upon request by the Town.


Annual Workforce Subsidy

The 2024 Childcare Workforce Subsidy is now OPEN until May 30, 2024. This subsidy is available for licensed home and center-based childcare providers in the Park R-3 School District and is based on the size and quality rating of the center. 

 2024 Childcare Workforce Subsidy Application 

   -  Included in the 2024 Childcare Workforce Subsidy is an Infant and Toddler Caregiver Bonus. Home and center-based childcare providers are eligible. To assist center-based childcare providers in calculating the bonus, you can use this template to fill in data based on the care you provided in 2023. Records may be requested to verify eligibility for the bonus.

   -  Funds Reporting Template (Due May 31, 2024 and December 29, 2024)


For inquiries regarding eligibility, application support, and availability of funds, please contact Carlie Speedlin Bangs, Housing and Childcare Manager, at cbangs@estes.org to inquire about funding availability or with any questions you may have regarding the childcare funding program. 

2024 Childcare Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan

The Town of Estes Park has begun working with the consulting company, Groundswell for Good, to gather data to report on the current childcare needs in the Estes Valley. Data received through focus groups, one-on-one conversations, and interviews, as well as an online survey, will direct a strategic plan that will be presented to the Town Board and local community Summer 2024.

Preliminary Childcare Needs Assessment Data Presentation 


Questions? Contact the Housing and Childcare Manager at cbangs@estes.org or Sarah Hughes at sarah@groundswellforgood.com 

Workforce Housing Programs

Workforce Rental Assistance

The Workforce Rental Assistance is funded with 6E revenue. The application is available through Crossroads Ministry here.


Estes Park Housing Authority (EPHA)

Estes Park Housing Authority offers many programs for community members of low to moderate incomes in the Estes Valley. The Town of Estes Park entered into an MOU with the organization in July 2023 to transfer 6E Lodging Tax funds from the Town of Estes Park to the Estes Park Housing Authority to address workforce housing issues in the valley. The Annual Housing Supply Plan, in addition to the Annual Funding Plan, outlines the use of 6E funds to address workforce housing needs.

More information about the Estes Park Housing Authority can be found here.


Estes Park Housing Authority is located at:

363 East Elkhorn Avenue, Suite 101
Estes Park, CO 80517

PO Box 1200
Estes Park, CO 80517


(970) 591-2535

Workforce Housing and Childcare 6E Lodging Tax

In November 2022, the Town of Estes Park citizens voted to approve Ballot Issue 6E to increase the Lodging Taxes throughout the Estes Valley by 3.5%. The funds received by Visit Estes Park are transferred to the Town of Estes Park to address workforce housing and childcare issues. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in July 2023 by the Estes Park Housing Authority to oversee the distribution of 6E revenue for workforce housing.

House Bill 1117 Framework

Annually, the Estes Park Town Board, Larimer County Board of County Commissioners, and Visit Estes Park approve the funding plan that outlines the priorities and use of tax dollars to address childcare and workforce housing issues. 

2024 Annual Workforce and Childcare Funding Plan for Lodging Tax (6E) Funds

Town Workforce Housing and Childcare Task Force (2019)

The Town Board created the Ad-Hoc Task Force on Workforce Housing and Childcare on November 13, 2018 and completed its work June 11, 2019. The Task Force's responsibility was to evaluate the Town's role in workforce housing and childcare and develop recommendations for consideration by the Town Board. 

Final Report 

Housing and Childcare Resource and Document Archive

Town Annual Strategic Plan

Estes Valley Housing needs Assessment and Strategic Plan (2023)

Childcare Needs Assessment (2018)

Family Advisory Board recommendations to Town Board (2018)

Housing Needs Assessment (2016)

Estes Park's Annual National Community Survey

Avalanche Economic Development Strategy Executive Summary (2015)unity Survey