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Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division serves an internal services division which strives to provide exceptional and reliable services for the benefit of Town staff, citizens, and guests while being good stewards of public funds. IT values responsibility, respect, and engagement when working with all Town departments to guide our actions in keeping infrastructure safe and reliable. The scope of services ranges from installation, support and replacement of computers, printers, multifunctional devices and servers to software licensing, database management, network connectivity, backups, storage, security and overseeing the operations of the internal telephone system. In addition, Information Technology assists the Facilities Division with building security and all audio-visual needs.  

IT services

One of the most important roles of the Information Technology Division is supporting the Estes Park Police Department and Emergency Communications Center. IT works closely with all emergency support services including the Larimer County Sherriff’s Office, Estes Valley Fire Department and Estes Park Health Ambulance Service to ensure communication and network stability are consistent 24 hours a day/365 days a year. 

Wapiti WiFi

In 2016, the Information Technology Division received a SIPA Microgrant to acquire equipment and install free public WiFi in Town Hall and Bond Park in the heart of downtown Estes Park. As a premier mountain community, the IT Division is proud to bring this reliable service to Estes Park citizens and guests in a central location 24 hours a day. Free public WiFi has been proven to be a great benefit to increasing communication during and after a disaster, providing educational opportunities, increasing digital literacy and the promotion of Town events, services and tourism. 

IT Community

The Town of Estes Park recognizes the important role that outside entities play in meeting the needs of the residents of the Estes Valley and prides itself on supporting local non-profits by donating gently used equipment when possible. The Information Technology Division supports this effort by reformatting gently used computers that have met their useful life in government service. This proactive approach helps minimize the risks to the Town’s infrastructure while being a cost-effective approach to destroying or recycling machines.