Municipal Court

Municipal Court

Municipal Court will be held in person beginning March 2, 2022.

Please ensure the Advisement of Rights is completed prior to appearing in court.


To schedule an appointment, contact the appropriate staff member, preferably by email, when in-person meetings are necessary. Town staff will continue to conduct virtual or telephone meetings with customers as much as possible. Customers with appointments should use the main/Police Department entrance to Town Hall, facing Bond Park. 


Town of Estes Park Municipal Court is held in the Town Board Room of Town Hall, located at 170 MacGregor Ave. in Estes Park., The Honorable David J. Thrower presides over Municipal and Model Traffic Code violations. Proceedings conducted by Prosecuting Attorney Avi Rocklin.

Municipal Court Schedule:
Municipal court is held on the first Wednesday of each month beginning at 9:30 a.m., excluding holidays. Court trials follow arraignments if scheduled.

Municipal Court Payments:
Citations may be payed online if paying ON or BEFORE the court date listed on the citation and, if there is a fine amount listed on the citation. If the citation is a SUMMONS, appearance in court is required at the time, place, and date listed on the citation. By paying the penalty assessment guilt and liability is acknowledged and the right to appear in court is waved. Penalty assessments which are timely paid, may be eligible for a point reduction.


Official Meetings