Environmental Sustainability Task Force

The Role of the Environmental Sustainability Task Force (ESTF) is to develop recommendations for the Town Board of Trustees regarding the Town’s role in initiatives, strategies and tactics to advance environmental sustainability. Recommended strategies and tactics, delivered in a report due to the Town Board by January 31, 2022, will be assigned a proposed timeline for implementation. 

  • The ESTF has determined to focus its work on the following broad categories:
    • Buildings (existing and new) and energy efficiency.
    • Distributed clean energy generation and storage.
    • Solid waste disposal.
    • Transportation electrification.
    • Institutional factors in the success/failure of sustainability initiatives.

Beginning on August 17, the ESTF meets regularly every other Tuesday from 2:00-3:30pm. Meeting locations will vary by meeting (some will be virtual while others will be in person) and they will be identified in advance in the meeting packet materials

Draft Bylaws (will be approved by the Town Board in September)

Current meetings and agendas can be found at estes.org/boardsandmeetings.

For the Meeting Packets Archive, click on folder titled "Environmental Sustainability Task Force Packets" (includes each meeting's agenda, meeting location, public comments received prior to meeting, and other resources)

Please send any inquiries you may have about the ESTF to jdamweber@estes.org.

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Environmental Sustainability Task Force Members
Gordon MacAlpine Chair
Thomas Keck Vice-Chair
Thomas Beck  
David Diggs  
Patricia Donahue  
William Fryer  
Lisa Hutchins  
Douglas Sacarto  
Barbara Werner  
Jason Damweber Staff Liaison

Public Comment Submitted to the Task Force
For access to comments submitted to the Task Force, visit the Town's Records Portal by clicking here.
Other Resources - Stay tuned!

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