Estes Park Development Code and Comprehensive Plan

The Estes Park Development Code (EPDC) is a unified code establishing both zoning and subdivision regulations for  Estes Park.

The code became effective April 1, 2020 when the IGA with Larimer County expired after 20 years.

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The Estes Foward Comprehensive Plan was adopted in late 2022, replacing the Estes Park Comprehensive Plan written in 1996.  The goals and policies are a critical step toward community resiliency themes including:  the natural environment, built environment, economy, housing, health and social, transportation and infrastructure. The plan also establishes future land use policies for the Estes Valley, with development guidelines for 10 distinct planning areas.



Estes Forward 2022 

Comprehensive Plan


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Estes Park Development Code

The Estes Valley Development Code expired in March 2020 and has been replaced with the Estes Park Development Code

Stanley Historic District Master Plan

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The Stanley Historic District Master Plan sets the vision for development within the 75 acres surrounding the Stanley Hotel.