Downtown Parking Management Plan

In November 2016, the Transportation Advisory Board of the Town of Estes Park, Colorado recommended the development of a Downtown Parking Strategy to explore three key elements:

  • Seasonal paid parking
  • An employee parking program
  • A downtown parking expansion plan

The purpose of this Parking Management Plans is to:

  • Provide a summary of past evaluation and findings related to this initiative
  • Outline key considerations and high-level costs and revenues associated with available options
  • Give an overview of methods and strategies for successful implementation of recommendations

The recommendations from the Parking Management Plan have been developed to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance the ease of visitor access to Downtown Estes Park by encouraging turnover of the most centrally-located and convenient parking spaces.
  • Encourage individuals in need of long-term parking (more than three hours) to utilize parking lots outside or on the edge of Downtown in order to prioritize the most centrally-located parking for short-term parking demands.
  • Improve multimodal transportation options to provide convenient alternatives to parking within the Downtown Core.
  • Identify cost-effective options for expanding the parking supply within Downtown as needed to support economic vitality.

View the final Downtown Parking Management Plan and Appendices. Access the Town Board Study Session materials to review DPMP Phase I results and plans for Phase II: Seasonal Paid parking Implementation.

This plan is a component of the broader Downtown Plan.