Estes Park Development Code Amendments

How is the Development Code amended?

Proposed amendments to the Estes Park Development Code are considered and adopted through a public hearing process. Code amendments are first heard by the Estes Park Planning Commission. The Planning Commission forwards a recommendation of approval, denial, or approval with conditions to the Town Board. If the revisions are approved by the Town Board, they are adopted into the Estes Park Development Code.

2021 Code Amendments

Downtown Building Height-Planning Commission, approved August 17, 2021, approved Town Board September 28, 2021

Ordinance 14-21

Staff Report Downtown Building Height

Building Height FAQ

Excerpt from 2018 Downtown Plan

Director Hunt memo

Public Comment

Wireless Cell Facilities-Planning Commission, Passed September 21, 2021, Town Board October 26, 2021

Staff Report

New RM-2 Zoning District, discussion December 21, 2021

Memo for Workforce Housing Incentives

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Video

Public Comment

RE-1 Elimination - ongoing discussion

Staff Report 9/21/21

Neighborhood Meeting Notice

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) - November 16, 2021

Public Comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

News Release for Public Forum

Public Forum meeting October 6, 2021

Solar Setbacks, Town Board, April 27, 2021

Ordinance 06-21 effective 5/30/21

Staff Report

Track Changes


Impervious Lot Coverage, Town Board, April 27, 2021

Ordinance 05-21 effective 6/10/21

Staff Report

Track Changes 

Summary List of Adopted Code Amendments in Recent Years

Master List, 2017

The following is a list of amendments to the EPDC that Community Development Department staff wish to propose for action in the future

Master List of Proposed Amendments to EPDC (formerly EVDC), 2017


Amended Plat Review Process-Town Board, January 12, 2021

Staff Report



Requirements for Neighborhood / Community Meetings

Amendment to Clarify and Define Procedures, Applicability, and Requirements for Neighborhood and Community Meetings

Ordinance No. 11-19. Adopted 5/14/19

Number of Parking Spaces Triggering Development Plan Review]

Amendment to Revise the Number of Parking Spaces Proposed that Would Require a Development Plan Review from Ten to Three

Ordinance No. 10-19. Adopted 5/14/19

Event Facilities in A and CO, Zoning Districts

Amendment Adding an "Event Facility" Use to the A-Accommodations and CO-Commercial Outlying Zoning Districts and Adding a Definition to Chapter 13 for "Event Facility"

Ordinance No. 08-19. Adopted 5/14/19


Accessory Uses in Residential Zoning Districts

Amendment to § 5.2 Table 5-1: Accessory Uses Permitted in Residential Zoning Districts and § 5.2.B.2 Additional Requirements for Specific Accessory Uses/ Structures in Residential Zones]
Ordinance No. 20-18. Adopted 12/11/18

Sightseeing and Tour Buses

Amendment to Add "Sightseeing/Tour Vehicle Facility" as a Special Review in Certain Zoning Districts and Adding a Definition of the Same
Ordinance No. 14-18. Adopted 10/23/18

Neighborhood and Community Meeting Requirement

Amendment to Require Neighborhood / Community Meetings Prior to Application
Ordinance No. 15-18. Adopted 10/9/18

Cultural Institutions within Residential Zoning Districts

Amendment to Allow Special Review for Cultural Institutions within Residential Zoning Districts, Including Review Standards and Add a Definition for Museum
Ordinance No. 13-18. Adopted 8/28/18

Notice Requirements for Public Hearings

Amendment to § 3.15 to Provide Additional Notice Requirements for Public Hearings
Ordinance No. 08-18. Adopted 5/8/18

Schools in Certain Residential and Non-Residential Zoning Districts

Amendment to Add Schools to Certain Residential and Non-Residential Zoning Districts, Modifying "School" Definitions, and Adjusting Procedures for Review
Ordinance No. 05-18. Adopted 4/10/18

Restrictive Covenants

Amendment to Add a Subsection for a Restrictive Covenant and Agreement within the Incentives for Establishing Attainable and Workforce Housing
Ordinance No. 03-18. Adopted 3/13/18

Food Trucks

Amendment Regarding Outdoor Mobile Food Vending Permit
Ordinance No. 34-17. Adopted 2/13/18


Bed &, Breakfast Inns

Amendment Regarding Bed and Breakfast Inns

Ordinance No. 31-17. Adopted 11/28/17

Limitations on the Attainable Housing Density Bonus

Amendment to Eliminate Applicability and Use of Attainable Housing Density Bonus in RE-1, RE, E-1, E, R, and R-2 Zoning Districts

Ordinance No. 30-17. Adopted 11/14/17

Defining Single Family Use

Amendment to Add a Definition in Chapter 13 for Single Family Use

Ordinance No. 29-17. Adopted 11/14/17

Maximum Ridgeline Height for Roofs

Amendment Regarding Maximum Ridge-Line Height for Steeply-Sloped Gabled and Hipped Roof Structures

Ordinance No. 28-17 Adopted 10/24/17

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and Employee Housing Density Calculations

Amendment Regarding Floor Area Ratio and Employee Housing Density Calculations

Ordinance No. 27-17 Adopted 10/24/17

Recommended Landscaping Plant List

Amendment Regarding the Administration of the ComDev Recommended Plant List

Ordinance No. 21-17. Adopted 9/26/17

Multi-Family Zoning Maximum Building Height]

Amendment Regarding Maximum Building Height in the RM Zoning District

Ordinance No. 20-17. Adopted 6/27/17

Calculating Building Height and Other Considerations]

Amendment Regarding Measuring Building Height, Maximum Building Height in RM Zoning District, Building Design in RM District, Special Review Criteria, One Single-Family Principal Structure Per Lot, and Parks and Recreation Facilities

Ordinance No. 17-17. Adopted 6/13/17

Vacation Home Regulations

Amendment Regarding Vacation Homes

Ordinance No. 09-17. Adopted 3/28/17

Accessory Kitchens]

Amendment Regarding Accessory Kitchens

Ordinance No. 08-17. Adopted 3/28/17



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