Museum Collection & Research




The Museum cares for 30,000 objects that range from historic photographs, postcards, and archives to textiles, artwork, furniture, tools, and even a Stanley Steamer automobile. The Museum collection is publicly available for study and research.

If you have further inquiries regarding the Museum collection or Estes Park history that cannot be found on the online database, please contact the Curator of Collections. Requests for non-digitized material may take additional time, please allow at least two weeks for access. Museum staff reserves the right to deny requests to view artifacts and archival materials if necessary, to preserve the integrity of the object.

Historic Newspaper Collection

The Estes Park Museum, the Estes Valley Library, with support from the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation Inc., in cooperation with the Estes Park Trail Gazette are working to provide high quality, word-searchable access to all years of the Trail Gazette. Currently, Estes Park newspapers from 1908 - 1975 are available online.

Historic Photographs

There are few things that capture a moment in history better than a photograph. The Estes Park Museum hosts a collection of around 10,000 (and growing) images in its historic photograph collection. Digital reproductions of these photographs are available for sale to individuals, groups, or for commercial publication. Search the photograph collection online, select an image, and complete the order form in the lower right corner or contact the Curator of Collections for more information.

Donations of Artifacts or Archives

The Estes Park Museum collects and preserves materials which establish or illustrate the unique history of Estes Park. The collection represents life, conditions, events, and activities relevant to Estes Park. Donations of objects and archives for the permanent collection are welcome. If you have any questions regarding the historic significance of a particular item or donation procedures please contact the Curator of Collections to set up an appointment.