Oral History Collection

Since the 1970s, the Estes Park Museum and the Estes Valley Library collected nearly two hundred oral history interviews with individuals from the community. In the tabs below is a selection of interviews alphabetized by last name. Next to each name is a link to their oral history recording hosted on YouTube, Museum catalog entry, and/or transcript (if available). This project is on-going, interviews and transcripts will be added to this page periodically.

Oral histories and individual memories are a valuable asset to any community. The views and opinions expressed in each interview are specific to that individual and does not reflect the views of the Town of Estes Park, the Estes Park Museum or the Estes Valley Library. Due to the nature of reminiscence, information in the recordings may be factually inaccurate. Additionally, recording techniques have changed over time and may affect the quality of the interviews. Some recordings may only contain audio while others are audio and video. 

The Estes Park Museum, a department of the Town of Estes Park, holds copyright to images, audio recordings, and interview transcripts that are made available on this webpage.

Audio/video recordings, images, and interview transcripts are posted to provide public access to the resources of the Estes Park Museum collection, but does not constitute a right to copy, make a profit from, or publish the oral history materials located on this site. Access to these materials is provided strictly for educational and personal research purposes. Express permission is required from Estes Park Museum for use of all materials provided, including images, audio recordings and interview transcriptions, beyond Fair Use as described below.

Material from this collection may be used for educational and other non-commercial purposes without the written permission of the Town of Estes Park; provided appropriate credit is given to the Estes Park Museum. "Fair Use" criteria of Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act must be followed. Under the fair use doctrine of the U.S. copyright statute (Title 17 of the U.S. Code), it is permissible to use limited portions of a work including quotes, for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, and scholarly reports.

Please address all commercial requests and questions to Estes Park Museum Curator of Collections, Jessica Michak at jmichak@estes.org. Written requests can be sent to Estes Park Museum, c/o Curator of Collections, 200 4th Street, Estes Park, CO 80517.

Name(s): Interview Materials: Subjects:
Baldwin, Roy & Hazel Recording | Transcript | Catalog Early Estes Park, Historic Park Theatre, Lord Dunraven
Brodie, Ronald C. Recording | Transcript | Catalog Brodie Brothers Grocery, Elkhorn Avenue, Safeway
Caldwell, Michael "Mike" Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lumpy Ridge
Caldwell, Tommy Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Mountaineering, Growing up in Estes Park
Claassen, Paige Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Women climbing, Growing up in Estes Park
Cordes, Kelly Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Colorado Mountain School, Alpine author
Dekker, Robert Recording | Transcript | Catalog Platte River Power Authority, Town of Estes Park Trustee, Mayor
Detterline, Jim Recording | Transcript | Catalog Longs Peak, Search & Rescue, Rocky Mountain National Park
Donahue, Topher Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Free climbing, Colorado Mountain School
Dunning, Harold & Jack Moomaw See "Moomaw" See "Moomaw"
Eagle Plume, Charles Recording | Transcript | Catalog Eagle Plume's Trading Post, Native American, Tourism industry


Name(s): Interview Materials: Subjects:
Gibbs, Dorothy Scott Recording | Transcript | Catalog Owls' Nest, Moraine Park, Elk Bugle Corps
Gillett, Bernard Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Mountaineering, Author
Hays, Tracy & Janet Recording | Transcript | Catalog 2013 Flood, Business owners, Elkhorn Ave.
Hornbein, Dr. Thomas "Tom" Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Mount Everest, Rocky Mountain Rescue
Kent, Harry Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Kent Mountain Adventure Center
Kimball, Scott Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Guiding, Author
Komito, Steven "Steve" Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Komito Boots, Climbing equipment pioneer
Lancaster, Frank Recording | Transcript | Catalog 2013 Flood, Town of Estes Park, Town Administrator


Name(s): Interview Materials: Subjects:
MacDonald, Bronson Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Women climbing, coaching
Mace, Tommie Lee & Penny Recording | Transcript | Catalog Baldpate Inn, Key Room, Mace family
Mall, Dr. Jacob O. Recording | Transcript | Catalog Early medicine in Estes Park, The Great Depression, Estes Park Hospital
Moomaw, Jack & Harold Dunning Recording | Transcript | Catalog Archaeology, Native Americans, Author
Northcutt, Ray Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Tenth Mountain Division, Pioneer mountaineer
Pieper, Rob Recording | Transcript | Catalog 2013 Flood, Business owner, Elkhorn Avenue
Reveley, Chris Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Rocky Mountain National Park Ranger
Rose, Eric Recording | Transcript | Catalog 2013 Flood, Estes Park Police Department
Rumley, Jack Recording | Transcript | Catalog Upper Thompson Sanitation District, Lawn Lake Flood, Big Thompson Flood
Rusch, Kate Recording | Transcript | Catalog 2013 Flood, Town of Estes Park Public Information Officer


Name(s): Interview Materials: Subjects:
Sievers, Greg Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Mountaineering, American Alpine Club
Smith, Lois Recording | Transcript | Catalog Baldpate Inn, Hospitality industry, historical buildings
Snively, Douglas Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Documentary film
Steiner, Greig (2021) Recording | Transcript | Catalog Steiner Studio & Gallery, Dark Horse Players, Fine Arts Guild
Steiner, Greig (2022) Recording | Transcript  Steiner Studio & Gallery, Gaslight Square, Art restoration
Wharton, Josh Recording | Transcript | Catalog Climbing, Patagonia Ambassador, Climbing in Estes Park
White, Greg Recording | Transcript | Catalog Town of Estes Park Attorney, Stanley Historic District, Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority
Wolf, David Recording | Transcript | Catalog Estes Valley Fire Protection District, Fire Chief, Cameron Peak Fire, East Troublesome Fire