Facilities Projects


Muni Lot

Completed Facilities Projects
Trolley Charging Station

The electric trolley charging station was completed and is located at the Water Shop on Elm Road. This project was grant-funded by the Federal Transit Administration through the Colorado Department of Transportation. The Town received the electric trolley in June 2020.

Moraine Restroom Remodel

This completed remodel project replaced all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, and added partitions and finishes. Both the men's and women's restrooms lost one stall to accommodate a new configuration, allowing accessibility for persons with disabilities. G2 Construction, LLC's project manager Aaron stated, "I think this is the nicest public restroom I've ever been in." 

Conference Center Porte Cochere

The Estes Park Conference Center's porte cochere columns were replaced and re-leveled. The project was completed with the installation of logs to encapsulate the steel columns. 


Current Facilities Projects
Facilities Master Plan Summary

The FMP project kick-off meeting was held September 6, 2019, and was followed by a study of approximately two years. STUDIO Architecture and Studio Terra co-led the team, which also includes PCD Engineering and BBC Research. Please visit the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) page for links to presentations and the implementation phases of the FMP.  

Electric Trolley Storage Facility

Facilities is assisting the Transit Division with a grant-funded project that will provide indoor storage for the existing electric trolley and the addition of another electric trolley in the near future. The current plan is to add onto the new Fleet Services building at 577 Elm Road with a drive-through bay that will provide environmental protection and charging facilities for these vehicles. Facilities is in the process of developing an RFP for the design of this addition to an existing facility.

Museum Annex

The Museum Annex has become the permanent facility for storage of Museum artifacts. To accomplish this status for the long-term, there are some much needed upgrades to the building. The first of these is to reinforce the structure under the building to handle the increased static load. A project is underway to double the pound-per-square foot design of the flooring system for the back half of the structure. This will involve adding concrete pads, wood columns, and beams to increase the capacity of the flooring system.

Water Shop Retrofit

Fleet Services will be moving in to the old Water Shop building on Elm Road. Facilities is in the process of designing and specifying the work needing completed in order to move the Fleet operations. This work will include:

Demolition of the offices in the north end of the building, and restoration of the drive-through bays. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the mechanics work space, and will also allow room for the addition of another mechanic in the future. Restoration of the main entrance back to the middle of the building. This change will give the customers a safe place to drop off their keys and interact with Fleet Services staff. The existing vehicle lift in the Street shop will be moved, and two more lifts will be added. This will allow for each mechanic to have the equipment and workspace to get their job done with fewer interruptions and/or shuffling of vehicles. The heating system, lighting system, and the electrical systems will all be upgraded to improve the efficiency of the building.