Facilities Master Plan


Project Introduction

The goal of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is to address the immediate, short-term, and long-term facility needs for the Town of Estes Park (TOEP), serving as a "road map" for the future development and operation of all TOEP facilities. The scope of the FMP is for the next twenty years, with a special emphasis on the next five and ten years. To this end, the FMP shall:

Events Complex
  • Provide a comprehensive document that identifies the building and employee space needs to aid the TOEP in budgeting, scheduling and administering all major building renovation and new construction capital projects;
  • Assure that all new near-term and mid-term capital building and major renovation projects are planned in conjunction with, and in support of, a long-term (20-year) strategic vision.

Facilities Master Plan - Presentations

Town Board Study Session: February 22, 2022 | Review the Facilities Master Plan

Public Meeting (virtual): December 2, 2021 | View the slide presentation | Download the Planning for the future of Town Facilities flyer

Town Board Study Session: July 27, 2021

Town Board Study Session: April 13, 2021


The Process

The project kick-off meeting was held on September 16, 2019, and was followed by a study of approximately two years. STUDIO Architecture and Studio Terra co-led the team, which also includes PCD Engineering and BBC Research. This project will happen in four phases:

Phase I - Collection of Existing Conditions Information

Surveys have been conducted by the FMP Team and all staff have had the opportunity to share their opinion. The team has highlighted eight primary facilities and have focused attention on how efficiently, or inefficiently, these buildings are functioning.

Phase II - Analysis of Opportunities, Constraints and Future Requirements

The FMP Team has been working through the concepts and operational impacts related to recommendations of moving the Police Department out of Town Hall. Several stakeholders are involved in the process of weighing the benefits versus the challenges. Phase III will identify the relocation opportunities and locations.

Phase III - Implementation Strategies and Conceptual Vision

On July 27, 2021, the FMP Team presented information to the Town Board in a study session that included the pros and cons of the opportunity sites identified in Phase II, as well as some alternative concepts for future civic operations. As the team gets further into the project, they will bring more stakeholders into the discussion and coordinate public outreach.

Phase IV - Facilities Master Plan Production

The FMP Team will begin to develop concepts based on the opportunity sites and their topography.


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