Town-Maintained Parks

Bond Park

Consisting of 46,000 square feet, the open space centerpiece of town provides picnic tables and benches. This area serves as a main area for festivals, concerts and art fairs.

Centennial Knoll-Willows Open Space

Located behind Town Hall with the parking lot located off Wonderview, just east of MacGregor Ave., this space was dedicated on August 5, 2017 at Estes Park's Centennial Celebration. Come view the Birch Ruins to learn more Estes Park history and enjoy the trails and benches provided.

Children's Park

Consisting of 2,500 square feet, this park features open space adjacent to the Big Thompson River as well as a municipal parking lot outside Dairy Queen. Located in the middle of the Riverwalk, the park offers a playground, restrooms, a drinking fountain, river frontage, picnic tables and benches.

George Hix Memorial Riverside Plaza

A focal point of the Riverwalk located at the Confluence of the Big Thompson and Fall Rivers behind the businesses on East Elkhorn Avenue. The park features benches, water features, four sculptures (eagle, beaver family, mountain lion, saddle), adjacent parking and river frontage. (Saddle sculpture may be hot to the touch - check before sitting)

Mrs. Walsh's Garden

Walk along the winding footpath that leads to a quiet pond. Rest peacefully on a bench or explore the garden during any season and become inspired by the abundant colors of nature. Mrs. Walsh's Garden is located on the west end of Elkhorn Avenue, across from Performance Park. Open dawn to dusk, the park is accessible and admission is free. Click on the photo to learn more!

Peacock Park

Located at the west end of Elkhorn Avenue, this pocket park area includes picnic tables, a beautiful bronze columbine sculpture and gorgeous floral display.

Performance Park

An outdoor amphitheater located on West Elkhorn Avenue, tucked back against the mountains, between the Silver Moon Motor Lodge and the Big Horn Restaurant. Parking is adjacent to the theater, which has a full stage as well as lighting and sound equipment. This beautifully landscaped facility opened in 2003.

Riverside / Baldwin Park

Encompassing 60,000 square feet, this park is located off West Riverside Drive. This space includes river frontage, playground, picnic tables, benches, trees, flowers and turf areas that beg to be picnicked upon. Other amenities include the Riverwalk, fishing bridge and parking.

The Riverwalk

This one-quarter mile picturesque path winds along the Fall River and the Big Thompson River. The walkway is highlighted by trees, flower plantings, turf areas, playgrounds, benches and a plaza area located at Barlow Plaza.

Sensory Garden

Located at George Hix Riverside Plaza, a sensory garden is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses through plants and the use of materials that engage sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. The garden includes three "flower" musical instruments, one multi-colored xylophone, two bridges over a river made of glass, five brightly colored pots filled with plants that evoke thoughts of pineapple and mint, and hundreds of plants directed at all senses.

Tregent Park

Located at the west end of Elkhorn Avenue, along the Riverwalk, this pocket park area includes picnic tables, a drinking fountain, benches, restrooms, trees, flowers, a bronze cowboy sculpture and adjacent parking.

Veterans Monument Park

Located west of the Estes Park Visitor Center, this monument is to recognize all branches of the Armed Services while providing beautiful views and riverside seating.