Contractor Licensing

Building Contractor Licenses verify qualifications of contractors performing work within the Town limits. There is no fee for a contractor license issued by the Division of Building Safety. However, a Town Business License is required prior to the issuance of the contractor license.



Building Contractors

List of currently licensed contractors (5/29/2024)


Contractor Licensing Application

Contractor-Subcontractor Town Business License Affidavit

Who Needs a Contractor License?

General contractors working within the Town limits needs contractor licenses with the Town of Estes Park. A homeowner, tenant or subcontractor may not be required to have a contractor license. Contractors licensed through the State of Colorado are not required to have a contractor license through the Town (engineers, architects, SPLS, electricians, plumbers).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a Commercial Property Owner Need a Contractor License?

Does a Contractor Need a Contractor License?

Does a Homeowner Need a Contractor License?

Does a Tenant Need a Contractor License?

If you have further questions, contact the Division of Building Safety at 970-577-3735.

Types of Contractor Licenses

The Town of Estes Park issues several types of contractor licenses:

General Contractor - Class B General Contractor - Class C

The Town of Estes Park does not issue General Contractor - Class A Licenses because there are no structures permitted within Town limits that are greater than three stories. Reciprocal Class A Licenses are accepted from other jurisdictions.

  • Plumbing-Mechanical-Gas - Class B
  • Plumbing-Mechanical-Gas - Class C
  • Special:
    • Carpentry
    • Roofing
    • Signs
    • Solar
    • etc.
More Information

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