Reporting Power Outages and Water Emergencies

Reporting a Power Outage

If you experience a service interruption, check the fuses or breakers before calling to make sure the problem is not an overloaded circuit.

Report power outages to Power and Communications by calling 970-586-5335 or via this form.

Check the Power Outage Public Information Map for the status of ongoing outages.

Estes Park Power and Communications crews respond to power outages immediately. Multiple outages are prioritized by the types of services affected, such as schools and hospitals, followed by the number of people affected. Power and Communications cannot base its response on one individual's medical situation. Crews will respond as soon as possible, but residents who require oxygen or other electric-powered medical equipment should have a 24-hour backup plan.

For more information on how to prepare for possible power outages, visit the Town's Outage Preparation page or

Stay Clear of Downed Lines

If a downed power line is discovered customers should immediately call 9-1-1. Members of the public should never touch a power line or anything that is in contact with the line. Most overhead power lines are not insulated and should always be considered dangerous. The Town's trained professionals will move the line and all others should stay clear of the area.

Reporting a Water Emergency


To report or discuss a non-emergency issue, such as a leaking or broken fire hydrant, water discoloration or other water inquiries, please contact Cliff Tedder, Water Distribution Supervisor at 970-577-3622 or, or Brenda Wyss, Water Division Administrative Assistant at 970-577-3619 or