Approximately 5,000 customer accounts are served by the Town of Estes Park's Water Division. The division's coverage area is bordered by the east edge of town, the turn-in to Eagle Rock School on Dry Gulch Road, McCreery Lane on Devil's Gulch Road, the southwest side of Carriage Hills off Highway 7, the Fish Hatchery area off of Fall River Road, and the Thunder Mountain Subdivision,on Spur 66. Water Division staff services more than 110 miles of water main lines, two water treatment plants and nine water tanks. Long-term water rights planning, fire hydrant maintenance, EPA-regulated testing, and back flow regulation are performed by the Water Division.



New Water Service

To initiate water service for new construction, please contact Steve Rusch, Utilities Coordinator, at 970-577-3625 or srusch@estes.org.

Water Master Plan

This Comprehensive Water Master Plan documents conditions as they exist today and provides a working document that identifies and prioritizes projects necessary to meet current and future customer demand while ensuring quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost.
The Comprehensive Water Master Plan includes the following components:
• Water Rights
• Population and Demand Projections
• Water Distribution System Evaluation and Modeling
• Water Treatment Facilities Evaluation
• Recommendations on the prioritization and timing of Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs)

Comprehensive Water Master Plan

Water Issues

To report or discuss non-emergency issues such as water main leaks, a broken fire hydrant, water discoloration or for other water inquiries, please contact Brenda Wyss, Water Division Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3619 or bwyss@estes.org.

Water Conservation

The Town's Water Conservation Plan is designed to promote water efficiency through improved practices, techniques and technologies by both the system demands and customer water demands. Under Colorado Revised Statute 37-60-126(2) The State of Colorado Water Conservation Board requires water suppliers to develop, adopt and implement a water conservation plan to help identify where future planning efforts need to be focused and to encourage its customers to use water more efficiently. Conservation measures outlined in the plan pertain to actions the Water Division can take to conserve more water, thereby extending water supplies and lowering operational costs, as well as programs to help consumers reduce consumption, such as using the free water-saving fixtures available from the Town.
Residents are welcome to pick up free low flow shower heads, faucet aerators, toilet tank bladders, and toilet tank dye tablets from the Utilities Division Administrative Assistant's desk located in the Engineering Offices of Town Hall.

Conservation Plan

Water Engineering Standards

To tie into the Town of Estes Park water distribution system, all facilities must adhere to the standards described in the 2020 Water System Engineering Standards.

Engineering Standards