Service Lines

In the Town of Estes Park's Water System the entire service line, from the corp stop at the street water main, is the home or business owner's property and responsibility. Property owners are responsible for repairing leaks beginning from and including the corp stop. Owners are responsible for all repairs or service line replacements beginning at the main as illustrated in the following diagram.

The Town of Estes Park is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to a leak anywhere on the service line. All damage is the responsibility of the owner of the property as outlined in the Water System Engineering Standards. Property owners are responsible for repairs to the corp stop, service line, curb stop, inlet valve, pressure reducing valve, backflow preventer, meter setter, and outlet valve.

Please contact the Water Division at 970-577-3608 for further information or to address any questions.


How to identify what material your service line is:

Use a key or coin to scratch the pipes surface.

Copper pipe is copper in color and magnets do not stick to it.

Galvanized steel is dull gray and magnets stick to it.

Lead is shiny, silver and magnets do not stick to it.

HDPE is plastic.

Where can I find my service line?

A service line usually enters the house in a basement or crawl space. You can identify what type of service line you have by looking at the pipe just before the shut off valve.



Diagram of water service line components