Prospect Mountain Water Project


Project History & Overview

Prospect Mountain Water Company (PMWC) was a privately-owned water company that distributed potable water supplied by the Town of Estes Park (Town) to residential customers in unincorporated Larimer County (County), Colorado, adjacent to the Town. In 2015, PMWC filed for bankruptcy, and the Town offered to enter into a Voluntary Water System Transfer agreement in 2019. The Prospect Mountain System has exceeded its useful life. Before the Town can assume ownership, the distribution system will need to be upgraded to meet Town Water Department Standards, County Roadway Design Standards, and the Estes Valley Fire Protection District Standards.

Update meeting

Audio recording of a public update meeting on the Prospect Mountain Water Project, Sept 20, 2022


These improvements include providing fire flow to the Prospect Mountain subdivisions; the existing distribution system has no hydrants, blow-offs or secondary interconnects. The 2- to 6-inch cast iron and galvanized steel distribution system is not designed to supply fire flow for the community. Additionally, there is not sufficient storage capacity or fire hydrants in the distribution system. A PMWC service area hydraulic model was developed to analyze system pressures with the added fire flow capacity in Prospect Mountain. The hydraulic modeling was also used and coordinated with the Town hydraulic model to determine the optimal locations for interconnects with the Town system, booster stations, PRVs, and storage tanks. 

Engineering & Construction

The Town is contracting this project. JVA Consulting Engineers has been contracted to design, engineer, and oversee the system upgrade. The construction contract bid announcement was closed on August 10, 2022. The construction bid award is pending approval by the Town Board.

JVA will be posting construction project updates on their project site which is linked to the right.

Please reference the map linked below that illustrates the project area. Prospect Mountain Project Area        

Please contact the Water Division at 970-577-4790 for more information.