Prospect Mountain Water Project

The Town now owns the Prospect Mountain Water Company and all former customers of Prospect Mountain Water are now Town water customers.

The plan is to replace all water mains in the area formerly served by Prospect Mountain Water Company, however this will be a major undertaking and lengthy process. The project has completed the design and engineering phase. The Water Division worked with water modelers to create the best design for the system.

There was a need to obtain utility easements from certain residents based on the final design and easement acquisition is close to completion.

The Town will not be completing the work in-house. This means that once the design and easement acquisition phases are complete, the project will be put out for bid to contractors. After the contract has been awarded, the Town will be able to provide more information on when ground will be broken on the project and proposed timelines for the progression of the work.

The additional USDA loan replacement charge required of all properties formerly with Prospect Mountain Water Company will not be billed until the project is complete and closed out with the USDA.

Please reference the map available to the right that illustrates the boundaries of the USDA Project.

Informational updates will be provided on this page as soon as they become available.

Please contact Brenda Wyss, Water Division Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3619 or for more information.

Update - May 24, 2021

The Town continues the process of easement acquisition. 

The new water mains and infrastructure will be placed within roads, for the most part, in order to avoid trenching within properties, however this is not always possible. Project engineering has determined that there are 26 properties that will need to grant utilities easements, mostly along property lines, in order to make the system design successful. The maps to the right show which properties will play key roles in easement acquisitions. In addition to these property easements, there are 19 identified properties that will need to have the existing water service lines moved to a new location within the property. This will require temporary easements, which will be set to expire, in order to reroute the service lines. These easements are temporary because water service lines are privately owned by the property owner, not the Town, but the contractor will need to gain access to perform the work.