Wildlife Donation Agreement



Vehicle collisions with wild animals occur very frequently in rural areas, and Estes Park is unfortunately no exception. When a wild animal is struck and killed in a collision on Town Streets or State Highways within city limits, the Town provides the opportunity for local hunters or game collectors to gather the meat. To achieve this mission, the Town of Estes Park - in coordination with Colorado Parks & Wildlife - maintains a record of individuals who are willing to recover the deceased animal from the roadway. When an animal is available, Donation Recipients are called in the order in which they applied. Individuals wishing to apply to the Donation Recipient list should complete the Wildlife Donation Agreement form online.

Donation Recipients will be called via telephone when their name is drawn, and must:

  • Retrieve the entire animal within one hour from receiving the call. No remains can be left at the scene.
  • File a Road Kill collection permit within 48 hours with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Adhere to Colorado Parks and Wildlife's 'Samson Law' and immediately report and return any animal which qualifies under trophy standards