Annual Water Main Flush

Annual flush

The Town of Estes Park Water Division conducts an annual water main flushing program in the Spring. The water main flush is conducted by pulling large volumes of water through fire hydrants. Flushing improves water quality and clarity by creating a higher-than-normal flow through the distribution system. This flow helps to clear the pipes of the iron oxide buildup resulting from the corrosion of older steel pipes. Water customers may notice discoloration of their water for a short period of time.

The annual hydrant maintenance and water main flushing helps to ensure all hydrants are working properly. When the hydrants are opened for flushing, we verify the hydrant is operating normally and determine the fire flow capacity for the hydrant. Identified maintenance or repairs will then be resolved as quickly as possible. It is a top priority of the Water Division that all hydrants in the system will be reliable in the event of a fire.

2024 water main flushing will take place over a 3 month period, starting in April. The Water Division will be using a method this year in which the fire hydrants are flushed singularly. Once the hydrant is flushed the fire hydrant supply valve will be exercised. This will verify that both the hydrants and valves in the water system are working properly. This method allows for two tasks to be performed in the same location thereby reducing operation and maintenance man hours. This slow and steady approach is anticipated to reduce the potential for discolored for discolored water in the service area where crews are performing flushing activities as well as minimizing risks associated with large volume flushing.

Please contact Jason Lang, Water Distribution Supervisor, at 970-577-3622 or jlang@estes.org with questions.


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