Power and Communications Policy and Procedures


To tie into the Town of Estes Park's electrical system, all facilities must adhere to the standards described in the Power and Communications Policy and Procedures. These set forth the terms and conditions under which electric service is supplied by Estes Park Power and Communications Department and are intended to govern all classes of service supplied by the Department to customers, both within and outside Town limits. 

Power and Communications follow the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and customer construction must be inspected by the State or county electrical inspector prior to the service being connected.

Any organization wanting to utilize Town-owned and maintained utility poles must complete a Pole Attachment Agreement.

Service Connections

New Services

Electrical Inspectors will send a Meter Release directly to Power and Communications when the site passes inspection.

Power and Communications will schedule a crew to connect power after receiving the Meter release and payment for the work order. The Meter Release must be obtained to avoid scheduling crews in instances when the site does not pass inspection.

It is policy is to complete the service connection work within 5 business days of receiving the Meter Release. (See Service Procedure, pg 7 of Light and Power Policy and Procedures)


Service Change/Upgrade or Disconnect/Reconnect

Service changes require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

All fees must be paid prior to reconnection.

If an electrical inspection is required, Light and Power must receive a meter release prior to reconnecting the power. (See Service Change/Upgrade Charge, pg 16 and Connection and Meter Fees Schedule, pg 37 of Light and Power Policy and Procedures)

Back-Up Power Installations


Customers installing whole-house back-up generators or battery systems are required to notify Power and Communications prior to installation and operation. Please submit the Back-Up Energy Notification form along with a copy of the system design drawings (either three-line or single-line) to lpadmin@estes.org.