Surge Protectors


Lightning can strike anywhere at any time. Meter socket surge protectors are the first line of defense for protecting homes against power surges from strikes that directly hit the distribution lines. Since lightning can enter a home through a direct or near strike, Power and Communications recommend customers also install outlet protectors such as wall-socket or strip surge protectors on interior outlets to provide additional protection for 120-volt appliances, such as household appliances, computers, and other electronic devices


To purchase a residential meter socket surge protector, contact Adam Edwards, Service Crew Supervisor, at 970-577-3614 or email at aedwards@estes.org to request a work order and surge protector contract

The surge protector installation will be scheduled once the work order payment and customer-signed contract are received.


Questions? Contact Sarah Clark, AMI Coordinator, at 970-577-3627 or sclark@estes.org.