Explorer Post 911



Estes Park Emergency Services Explorer Post 911


The Estes Park Explorer program enables youth ages 16 to 20 to explore career paths in police, fire and emergency medical services. Estes Park Police Department, Estes Valley Fire Protection District and Estes Park Health Ambulance & Emergency Medical Services have joined to offer Explorer Post 911. Twice a month, participants receive classroom instruction and hands-on training with career professionals. Explorers also receive guidance to help determine which career may be best for them. The program is in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Scout Program and Estes Park High School Career Pathways.

Supporting the Explorer Post 911 program are Fire Chief and Eagle Scout David Wolf, Estes Park Health Ambulance & EMS Director Guy Beesley, and Boy Scout volunteer and Eagle Scout Bill Marshall. The Post 911 Advisors who lead the program are Deborah Holmes (EMS Ambulance), Paul Mieszala (Police), and Rachel Hofsess (Fire).

For more information about Explorer Post 911, contact Paul Mieszala at 970-577-3837.

Emergency Services Explorer Post 911 was created on August 1, 2017 by the Estes Park Police Department, Estes Valley Fire Protection District and Estes Park Medical Center EMS Ambulance Service. Post 911 is the first Explorer Scout Post in America to bring law enforcement, fire and EMS together in one Post to give youth the opportunity to explore career paths in all three emergency services. The Post was created through the vision of Police Chief Wes Kufeld (a former Law Enforcement Explorer and Life Scout), Fire Chief David Wolf (Eagle Scout), and EMS Ambulance Director Guy Beesley. The Post's first Advisors created and led the program: EMS Officer Catherine Cornell (Mother of an Eagle Scout), Police Officer Curt Plassmeyer, and Firefighter Brian Faith (Explorer and Eagle Scout). They were supported by Bill Marshall (Distinguished Eagle Scout). Post 911 is open to all young men and women ages 16-20 who meet qualifications applicable to emergency services careers.

Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services of Estes Park partner in coed Emergency Services Explorer Post 911 to provide qualifying youth with insights and mentoring on:

  • Various dimensions of emergency services careers
  • The skills and disciplines required to be successful in a work environment
  • The values of good citizenship embodied in Scouting.

The Post Advisors include an experienced career officer of Estes Park Police Department, Estes Valley Fire Protection District and Estes Park Health Ambulance & Emergency Medical Services. The Advisor's role is to provide leadership in program development and enlist the support of additional emergency services professionals to deliver presentations and experiences for program participants. The Post's current Advisors are EMS Officer Deborah Holmes, Fire Personnel Rachel Hofsess, and Police Officer Paul Mieszala.