Current Public Works Projects

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Cleave Street Improvements

Adopted in 2018, the Estes Park Downtown Plan identified Cleave Street as a prime location for redevelopment. Cleave Street is located in the heart of historic downtown and parallels Elkhorn Avenue. It is a mixed use area that includes front and back business entrances. Cleave Street provides access to several residences including affordable housing units managed by the Estes Park Housing Authority. For information and updates, visit the Cleave Street Improvements project page.


Downtown Estes Loop

The Town of Estes Park, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and the Federal Highway Administration - Central Federal Lands Highway Division (FHWA - CFL) proposed improvements to the roadway network within the Town, and these improvements evolved into the Downtown Estes Loop project. This project resulted from an evaluation of three primary roadways: Elkhorn Avenue, Moraine Avenue, and Riverside Drive through downtown Estes Park. Public meetings for this project are linked below. For comprehensive information and updates, visit the Downtown Estes Loop project page.

Public Meeting 1, January 31, 2023

Public Meeting 2, June 20, 2023


Downtown Wayfinding Signage Program

In 2018, the Downtown Plan (DP) adopted by the Town included recommendations for improving wayfinding signage. The first task was to prepare and implement the Parking Pilot Project, which was completed with the placement of new signs in the Downtown parking lots. The placement of wayfinding signage throughout Downtown will take place in four phases, with the first being completed in August 2023. For information and updates, visit the Downtown Wayfinding Signage Program project page.


Fall River Trail Extension

An existing trail along Fall River Road is being expanded to connect historic downtown Estes Park to the Fall River Entrance Station of the fifth most-visited national park in our country, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). At the project's inception, the RMNP boundary was 2.5 miles from where the existing trail ended near Sleepy Hollow Court on US 34 (Fall River Road). For information and updates, visit the Fall River Trail Extension project page.

Graves Avenue - Safe Routes to School

The Town of Estes Park was awarded Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding via the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Graves Avenue was identified as a top priority for SRTS improvements given its close proximity to the school district, high volume of student and parent pedestrian traffic, and lack of continuous sidewalk pavement. The improvements will increase safety and accessibility in the area, and will also provide connectivity with the neighborhood housing near Graves Avenue, the Estes Park School District, and the Estes Valley Community Center. For information and updates, visit the Graves Avenue Improvements project page.

3rd St Existing One-Way

Reclamation Neighborhood Street Improvements

Streets in the Reclamation Neighborhood generally have limited right of way widths, substandard sidewalks, and narrow driving surfaces (flowline to flowline) that are shared between travel lanes and on-street parking. With limited right of way widths preventing the construction of a traditional roadway cross section, the Town prepared several design alternatives in November 2023 for public consideration. For complete project information and updates, visit the Reclamation Neighborhood Street Improvements page.

US 36 & Community Drive Roundabout

The need for improvements at US 36 and Community Drive was identified in the traffic study prepared in November 2009 for the Town's Events Center project. Because the upgrades to the Events Complex would result in increased traffic through the US 36 and Community Drive intersection, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) designated the Town as the responsible party to determine and construct the improvements. In 2014, CDOT agreed to allow the Town to defer construction of proposed turn lanes due to the 2013 flood recovery efforts underway at that time. Construction is expected to be completed by December 2023. For information and updates, visit the US 36 and Community Drive Roundabout project page.


Street Improvement Program (STIP)


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